EntroPayIn the world of online payments, being able to instantly translate a received balance into a virtual debit card is one of the hottest features customers are looking for. EntroPay has teamed up with Visa and MasterCard to make both virtual and physical debit cards a reality in the online payments space.

ukash logoWhile a number of companies offer the ability to make payments over the Internet, they all require some kind of a traditional bank account or credit card to be already be established with a user. Otherwise, an online account can't be created or used. Ukash, on the other hand, doesn't require such financial accounts to already exist. Instead, the system simply requires a user to pay for a preset voucher worth a set amount of funds. Once paid at a local affiliate store, the user can then go onto the Internet and use the voucher to electronically pay someone funds or make Internet purchases.

ecocardWhile many online payment services focus primarily on withdrawing money to a bank account, a new crop of alternatives is permitting customers to use a virtual debit card in order to spend their account's balance. Those same services often provide prepaid physical debit cards, as well, promoting easier and most instantaneous real world access to funds. EcoCard is just such a provider, with multi-currency accounts, virtual debit cards, and prepaid MasterCards for its customers.