ecocardWhile many online payment services focus primarily on withdrawing money to a bank account, a new crop of alternatives is permitting customers to use a virtual debit card in order to spend their account's balance. Those same services often provide prepaid physical debit cards, as well, promoting easier and most instantaneous real world access to funds. EcoCard is just such a provider, with multi-currency accounts, virtual debit cards, and prepaid MasterCards for its customers.

Website Interface

The EcoCard website is relatively basic, and that's to be expected. The company handles financial transactions in a pretty simple way when compared to its competition. Upon logging in, users are able to easily select options ranging from customer-to-customer transfers, virtual card generation, and a prepaid MasterCard signup form. Profile information is stored in a separate tab; it's easily accessible and simple to manage.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposits into an EcoCard account can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Additionally, customers can transfer funds between themselves at no cost. Withdrawals can also be made to bank accounts via wire transfer; the money can be loaded onto EcoCard's virtual or prepaid debit cards as well.


Bank wire deposit: 0 - 7% of the deposited amount, depending on country
Credit card deposit: 2.9% of the deposit amount
EFT deposit (Canada only): 2.9% of the transfer amount
Bank wire deposit: 0 - 7% of the transfer amount
Withdrawal to bank account: € 10 for Silver and Gold accounts
Transfer between customers: Free, or 1.5%, based on account type
Payment to EcoCard merchant: Free
Currency conversion: 2.99% of the amount transferred

While all account types are free with EcoCard, there are varying deposit and withdrawal limitations based on accounts. The company encourages users to sign up for its Gold account, which offers the highest deposit and withdrawal limits -- as well as the best fee structure -- by a large margin.

Security and Privacy

The EcoCard service runs over an secure HTTPS connection when conducting business that involves financial transactions or personal information. The company is a member of the MasterCard SecureCode program as well as Verified by Visa, both of which add an extra layer of security to credit or debit card transactions.

Online Gambling

Users are not permitted to sign up for the EcoCard service if their residence is located in the United States, and this is primarily due to the use of virtual Visa debit cards for transactions that involve online gambling. United States law prohibits this type of transaction, and EcoCard has simply removed itself as an option. Residents elsewhere around the world -- including neighboring Canada -- are free to sign up for the service and use its features within the limits of their local laws.


EcoCard is a division of the publicly-held PSI-Pay Ltd. Corporation. It is subjected to the laws and regulations of the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, which ensures the authenticity and legality of the company's operating procedures and capital holdings.


Customer support is provided to the website's members via a 24-hour live chat solution with company representatives. Contact can also be made via a web form that promises a quick reply to customers with important inquiries. Phone numbers are available for UK customers who wish to contact a representative without waiting for an email or chat reply. No Facebook or Twitter profiles are maintained by the company in order to interact with customers, which is a severe limitation of the support department's overall reach.

Customer Service

The customer service reputation held by EcoCard is a good one, despite its uncharacteristic lack of actual support options. Customers that can't find the answer to their questions via the company's support section can expect a timely response from the online chat application offered by EcoCard. Those who choose to contact the company directly can expect a response from representatives within 24 to 48 hours of sending the message.

Unfortunately, no physical address information is provided for the company on the website, making it hard to deal with the company via postal mail during the event of a dispute.

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