payoneer logoPayoneer has been operating since 2005. The company offers payment solutions and services for the global community. At present, Payoneer is active in 210 countries. Organizations and companies can take advantage of their services to pay their people or businesses with our without bank accounts and transfer money securely in the most cost-effective way.

Payoneer has services and solutions designed for U.S. residents, non-U.S. residents and travelers. There are options for web-based businesses and direct sales. Whether it is for individual or mass pay, Payoneer provides great payment services.

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Payoneer has a clean, well-organized and user-friendly interface. It is clear and functional without any clutter. Once a member signs up, they can view all their transactions. The interface makes it easy for users to check their accounts and make changes if necessary.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Payoneer offers a number of online payment services. This includes:

• Debit MasterCard
• Virtual Card
• Local Bank Transfer
• International Checks
• Local e-Wallets

There are also solutions designed for travelers. The Payoneer Travel Prepaid MasterCard is acceptable in 210 countries. People can use their cards to purchase things or withdraw cash. Payoneer cards are accepted wherever MasterCard is. With this, it is easy for U.S.-based businesses to send money to staff, freelancers and affiliates wherever they may be with lower charges than bank transfers and check services.

Meanwhile, the Payoneer Prepaid Virtual MasterCard allows people to spend their funds online without the need for a real card. This service offers a higher level of security with no shipping delays for goods purchased online.

Global Bank Transfers allow fund transfers directly to bank accounts in local currencies. The service costs less than a regular transfer, and it is a lot faster.

In order to take advantage of these services, customers have to open an account online. The account representatives will approve the application and mail the debit card. Card owners should register their cards. With this, they will be able to transfer funds from the card to another Payoneer card. Using the card, they can also withdraw funds from any ATM that accepts MasterCard.

Loading and spending limits depend on the card owners' issuing bank. These limits may vary, and charges may apply. Unlike credit cards, Payoneer cards cannot be used unless loaded.

Security and Privacy

Payoneer only discloses customer information to others in response to subpoenas by governments. Otherwise, Payoneer keeps all information collected private. This inlcudes things such as purchases made, dates, times, amounts and place of purchase. They also retain the information provided when customers apply for a card. Payoneer maintains electronic, physical and procedural security measures based on federal regulations to safeguard cardholder information.

Online Gambling

There are some online gambling sites that accept payments and deposits through Payoneer. However, cards are only allowed to have a maximum of $2,500. Players can get access to their accounts any time of the day in 200 countries. Payoneer payment services may not be available in all territories.

Costs of Deposits and Withdrawals

• Card to card transfer is free up to $1000 per day with a $5000 limit per month.
• ATM withdrawal in the U.S. costs $1.35
• ATM withdrawal outside the U.S. costs $2.15 along with 3 percent of the transaction amount.
• Purchasing transactions within the U.S. are free.
• Declined ATM withdrawals cost $0.90


The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Choice Bank Limited or First Covenant Bank. These banks are members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated.


Payoneer offers different customer support options. Customers may send their questions and get the answers right away. Alternatively, they may directly report lost or stolen cards with one click. They may also send an instant message to customer support representatives and chat with them live. There is also a FAQ page that provides answers to common customer problems. The answers are designed to ensure easy comprehension for customers.


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Customer Service

Payoneer makes it easy for customers to send their questions and complaints. They can call, send instant reports, email or chat live. Many customers have already commended the excellent service that account representatives provide.

Corporate Headquarters Address:

410 Park Avenue
15th Floor, New York, NY 10022

The URL for the customer support page is
For customer complaints, the URL is