ukash logoWhile a number of companies offer the ability to make payments over the Internet, they all require some kind of a traditional bank account or credit card to be already be established with a user. Otherwise, an online account can't be created or used. Ukash, on the other hand, doesn't require such financial accounts to already exist. Instead, the system simply requires a user to pay for a preset voucher worth a set amount of funds. Once paid at a local affiliate store, the user can then go onto the Internet and use the voucher to electronically pay someone funds or make Internet purchases.


Deposit and Withdrawal

Because of the unique approach to funding and use, there is no traditional deposit or withdrawal system involved. The voucher is purchase at a local drugstore or phone shop which coordinates transactions with Ukash. Once paid, the voucher is coded by the dealer as funded for a specific currency value. The buyer can then use the funds as desired electronically until they are fully used up. Funding amounts can be as little as 5 British Pounds and as much as 150 British Pounds. Ukash vouchers are particularly versatile for international transactions as they are accepted in 22 countries and 275,000 vendors.

Security and Privacy

Additionally, because there is no set bank account involved, Ukash doesn't have near the security issues and risks like other online payment services. The voucher comes with the specific code that then links the paper with electronic use of the funds paid and registered. Where the security risk does exist is if the user loses the voucher purchased. The actual voucher paper is a physical product which can be misplaced or stolen. Any user who has this document can then use the funds online for his own purposes.


Ukash does not charge a fee to use its vouchers. That said, the company doesn't control its dealers that sell Ukash vouchers, so independent dealers can charge a markup fee on their own to either purchase a Ukash voucher or to process one for a payment.

Online Gambling

Because Ukash generally works with any online vendor that accepts the currency format, it would a viable vehicle to pay for gambling funding. Ukash is based in London, England, unlike many other electronic payment providers, where online gambling is allowed.


Because of its British base, Ukash is registered as part of Smart Voucher Limited which is regulated by the Financial Service Authority in the U.K. as an electronic money establishment. Smart Voucher is a proof vouchering system provider that address paid ticket needs for all types of businesses. The product generally involves a unique, singularly-coded voucher or ticket being printed and associated with a specific dollar value. When the ticket is purchased by a user, the code is then activated via Smart Voucher's system to act similar to cash with all vendors that accept the voucher numbers.





In terms of customer support, Ukash can be contacted by phone or by Internet/email. The company will address issues by the voucher bought, so the user needs to have the paperwork on hand or the unique code handy to reference the particular transaction and funding. General contact of the company for most information requests can be mailed to:

Ukash- Customer Service Dept
PO BOX 66169
SE1P 5TN, United Kingdom

Alternatively, the company can also be reached through its parent company at:

Smart Voucher Ltd
FSA register number: 900007
Company Number 4202050
5-7 Tanner Street, London,
SE1 3LE, United Kingdom

Online assistance can be had over the Internet through the below link: