payoneer logoThe internet has made freelancing a serious option for many people. Working remotely has never been easier when you can find a paying gig without even getting out of bed.

Over half of the 23,000+ participants in a recent Payoneer report said that they found work using the internet, through online marketplaces or social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Skrill - MoneybookersTransactions of £10 and under set to drive increase in buying via mobile phone

Mobile payments are being rapidly driven by transactions of £10 or under, according to research from Skrill as part of its The Future of Money campaign. The study* reveals that 41% of British consumers expect their use of mobile payments to increase, with this rising to 59% for those aged 18 to 24 years, and 30% will shop on their mobile in the next 12 months.

skrillThis year's first two quarters were great for Skrill. The company formerly known as Moneybookers saw sales increase by 29.1 percent compared to the same period last year. According to the online payment processor, the increasing number of merchants and online gaming companies incorporating the system significantly drove sales up. Expansion to the United States had the biggest contribution to this achievement.

salesIn the digital age, payment processors play a crucial role in many companies' online transactions. They act as a link between the merchant, bank and customers so that each one gets what they want in the safest and most convenient way. In fact, the government of Nigeria believe that the entrance of online processor VoguePay will significantly boost eCommerce. With this, the country's businesses will be able to sell their products to customers all over the globe and let them pay electronically. People no longer the need to go through tedious payment methods like bank deposits or money orders. Brick and mortar shops, online stores and even mobile phone companies can benefit greatly from making the service available.

The Prepaid Awards 2012Ukash has been providing excellent service for clients since 2005. It allows people to spend their money online in the safest and most convenient way. With this, the Prepaid Awards 2010 recognized the company as the Best Virtual Prepaid Programme. The Prepaid Awards is one of the most prestigious recognitions an online payment system company can receive. Ukash received the award at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

Payoneer MasterCard Ties Up with RoboForexIn an effort to provide convenience for all its customers, RoboForex recently added Payoneer as one of its payment systems. RoboForex believes that having Payooner serve as its online payment systems will provide clients the best trading experience. In addition, RoboForex clients and partners will be able to use their MasterCard debit card with their Live Account.